Received an email or text message from us? 

If you received an email or text message from our domain you are probably receiving it from someone you do business with. This notifications service might be from a place you rented a Private Mailbox from and they are notifying you of a Package, mail, or some other important information. The "reply to" in the email/text message should respond back to the company sending you the notification. 

Not receiving an email or text from us but should have?

With the large volume of emails we send out some Internet email providers or cell phone carriers may falsely identify a wanted email or text message as SPAM and block us. We work full time following all internet rules to get removed from spam blocking services should our servers are flagged. One way you can help make sure all your notices are received is to add  to your contact list. To assist you we have provided this QR code to scan. Scanning this QR code will add us to your address list.

Does JustNotify.me or VSoftwareTools, Inc. sell email addresses or text message list?

NEVER? Any message sent from the business you rent a private mailbox and using our secure services is private and never sold, traded, or shared with anyone. PERIOD.