Received an email or text message from us? 

If you've received an email or text message from our domain, it's likely from a business you're associated with. Our notification service is commonly used by private mailbox providers to inform you about packages, mail, or other important updates. To respond to these notifications, simply reply to the email or text message, and your response will be directed to the sending company.

Not receiving an email or text from us but should have?

Due to the high volume of messages we send, some may be mistakenly flagged as spam by email providers or cell carriers. We diligently adhere to internet regulations to avoid and rectify any spam-blocking issues. To ensure you receive all notifications, please add  to your contact list. For easy addition, scan the provided QR code, which will automatically update your address book.

Accidentally Marked Us as Spam?

If you've inadvertently marked our messages as spam, our system will automatically prevent you from receiving further messages. To reverse this, please send an email to optbackin@justnotify.me from the email address or text messaging phone number in question. Simply type "please unblock me" in the message. We will make every effort to remove you from our block list. Please allow 2-3 days for the unblocking process to take effect.

Wish to Stop Receiving Messages from our service?

If you decide you no longer wish to receive messages from our system, please contact the business where you rent your private mailbox and request them to stop sending notifications through our service. This direct approach ensures that your preferences are respected and acted upon promptly.

Does JustNotify.me or VSoftwareTools, Inc. sell email addresses or text message list?

Absolutely not. We respect your privacy. Any messages sent using our secure services, including those from businesses where you rent a private mailbox, are confidential. We do not sell, trade, or share your email addresses or text message lists. Your privacy is our top priority.